Turning a Broken Heart Into Art

My heart is very well at the moment, so don’t worry. But I am working on something very exciting these days! As I’ve mentioned a few times, one of the ways I express myself most easily when I’m feeling down and a bit broken is through writing and poetry.

As I went through a few heartbreaks over the last couple of years, I wrote a lot of poetry. Some have been posted here, and others are still resting in notebooks, on scraps of paper, and on café napkins. I’ve been playing around with the idea of a poetry collection for a while, and now it’s definitely become more than playing around with it. I’m really doing it! I’m working on putting them all together, rewriting some, and even adding some new ones, now that I get to look back on all that has happened with a bit of distance.

I haven’t decided all the details yet, but it will be a self-published collection, and it will be a collection of poetry, pictures, and thoughts.

I’m very excited, and equally scared about this project. It’s one that I’ve been wanting to do for so long, and this one will be so extremely personal. It’s hard to revisit all the emotions and pain of the breaking, but it’s also a wonderful and new way of growing from the experiences.

I will keep you guys updated on the progress!

And thank you to all of you lovelies who’ve been there for me through it all. For all the kind words, and pep talks!❤️

Lots of love❤️


The Sound of Water ● POEM

There’s something about it

The sound of water

Waves rolling

Fountains dancing

Boats dipping 

Ripples moving

Something that warms 

That feels like home

And never fails 

To make me smile

©Christina de Vries


Open ● POEM

The moment she opened up 

When she let you see her

Was not when she undressed

Or when she let her skin

Be touched by your fingers

It was when she bared her soul

When she looked into your eyes

And allowed you to see

©Christina de Vries


Upside Down ● POEM

When the eyes that saw you

 Looks away

The touch that tingled

No longer reaches

You might find yourself 

Feeling lost 

In places known 

Because the lips that kissed

Formed the words 

That broke you 

And the whole world 

Turned upside down

©Christina de Vries

Silver Lining • POEM

All of the looks

The words and kisses

Before I even knew

I’d fallen into the trap

Lost in a present

That looked like the past

All of the questions

The answers I feared

And did not want

They were the truth

The pain I needed

To finally move on

©️Christina de Vries

The Poetry That Moves Me

From time to time I come across writers and poets that has a way of putting words together that moves me beyond anything I could have ever imagined. It’s such an intense and wonderful feeling at the same time, and whenever it happens I really do appreciate it although it might be painful.

But there’s something so magical about looking at a piece of paper and in printed words seeing a window into ones own feelings, or a reflection of yourself.

Today I want to highlight a poet that does that for me, time and time again.

Rupi Kaur!

I was introduced to Milk and Honey by a colleague, and have since ended up buying the book multiple times, because I keep giving it away. It’s just too good not to be shared. I also read The Sun and Her Flowers, and loved that one too, even though it didn’t move as many times over as the Milk and Honey did.

The first time I read Milk and Honey, I had to take breaks because I would come across poems that just made me bawl my eyes out. Sometimes it was because I could relate to the pain, other times a wish to feel some of the same joy, and other times it was just like reading my own story, or about heartbreak moments that I recognised all too well.

This one right here is one that still hits me every time:


I have so much respect for poets and writers that can awaken as much emotion in a reader that I experience when reading this. And when it comes to personal dreams and goals, I would say that this is one of mine for sure; to write stories and poetry that moves people.

To be moved by words is such a powerful experience, and different people all experience it in different ways❤️

It’s true magic!

If you want to know more about Milk and Honey and/or The Sun and Her Flowers, just click on the book covers below to go their BookDepository page:

                                            23513349     9781449486792_p0_v5_s550x406

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