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Turning a Broken Heart Into Art

My heart is very well at the moment, so don’t worry. But I am working on something very exciting these days! As I’ve mentioned a few times, one of the ways I express myself most easily when I’m feeling down and a bit broken is through writing and poetry. As I went through a few heartbreaks over the last couple…

The Sound of Water ● POEM

There’s something about it The sound of water Waves rolling Fountains dancing Boats dipping  Ripples moving Something that warms  That feels like home And never fails  To make me smile ☼ ©Christina de Vries  

Open ● POEM

The moment she opened up  When she let you see her Was not when she undressed Or when she let her skin Be touched by your fingers It was when she bared her soul When she looked into your eyes And allowed you to see ☼ ©Christina de Vries  

New Home ● POEM

It’s a curious thing  To travel away from home And ending up Feeling more at home  When arriving  ☼ ©Christina de Vries  

Floating Promise ● POEM

I whispered into bubbles Let my dreams float Watching them reach Towards the very sky With a silent promise That so would I ☼ ©Christina de Vries

Upside Down ● POEM

When the eyes that saw you  Looks away The touch that tingled No longer reaches You might find yourself  Feeling lost  In places known  Because the lips that kissed Formed the words  That broke you  And the whole world  Turned upside down ☼ ©Christina de Vries

Silver Lining • POEM

All of the looks The words and kisses Before I even knew I’d fallen into the trap Lost in a present That looked like the past • All of the questions The answers I feared And did not want They were the truth The pain I needed To finally move on ©️Christina de Vries

Lights of Memory • POEM

Under lights of memories She told stories to the waves They left her with a promise Of paths to cross once again ☼ ©Christina de Vries

The Poetry That Moves Me

From time to time I come across writers and poets that has a way of putting words together that moves me beyond anything I could have ever imagined. It’s such an intense and wonderful feeling at the same time, and whenever it happens I really do appreciate it although it might be painful. But there’s something so magical about looking…

Endless Ride ● POEM

Round and round and round we go On this seemingly endless ride I see you there But you’re not close  You’re across from me And how I fear  That separate carts Is how it’s meant to be ☼ ©Christina de Vries