The Sound of Water ● POEM

There’s something about it

The sound of water

Waves rolling

Fountains dancing

Boats dipping 

Ripples moving

Something that warms 

That feels like home

And never fails 

To make me smile

©Christina de Vries


Open ● POEM

The moment she opened up 

When she let you see her

Was not when she undressed

Or when she let her skin

Be touched by your fingers

It was when she bared her soul

When she looked into your eyes

And allowed you to see

©Christina de Vries


Upside Down ● POEM

When the eyes that saw you

 Looks away

The touch that tingled

No longer reaches

You might find yourself 

Feeling lost 

In places known 

Because the lips that kissed

Formed the words 

That broke you 

And the whole world 

Turned upside down

©Christina de Vries

Silver Lining • POEM

All of the looks

The words and kisses

Before I even knew

I’d fallen into the trap

Lost in a present

That looked like the past

All of the questions

The answers I feared

And did not want

They were the truth

The pain I needed

To finally move on

©️Christina de Vries

On the Mend ● POEM

All around was chaos

She searched but could not find

The feelings she remembered

The quiet in her mind

Lost in streets familiar

Places she should know

Now there’s only strangers

In places she won’t go

Curled up in the lonely

She tries to find her way

Wishing for a guiding sign

Back to a brighter day

Tiny whispers in the dark

Said this is not the end

You are not forever lost

But you are on the mend

©Christina de Vries