An Act of Love

Today I bought roses.

I saw them and I thought about how much she would love them. How she would smile when she found the perfect spot for them in her living room. How she would stop and take the moment to smell them several times a day.

I thought about how she would marvel at their beauty. How she would look at them and see entire stories in each petal.

I thought about how inspired they would make her. How she would let the flowers trace her skin. How the sensation would be emotional, turn into words and end up as poetry.

I looked at them and knew that even though getting them seemed like a little thing, it would be so far from it. For how can you call anything small if it makes someone smile. If a single act turns into gratitude and creativity, then I would say that it’s closer to massive.

So I bought the flowers for her. I took them home to her place and watched as every thought I had about them unfolded into reality.

I bought roses and I gave them to me. It was an act of love and one that I’m so grateful for❤️

Love yourself enough to act on it ❤️