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The Mourning of Lost Love

A few weeks ago I watched Jason Silva talk about “The Rhapsody and Agony of Love” in this Shots of Awe video, and there was something he said that really stuck with me with me. “What the fuck do we do? I’m still mourning. I’m still grieving for every love that I lost. How the fuck am I supposed to…

Love Is A Drug

Valentine’s Day is upon us! So in the spirit of love Shots of Awe released this video today. Enjoy!

Candy for the Mind!

It’s that time again boys and girls! Shots of Awe released another video and (you know me) I can’t help but share this beauty! The Ecstasy of Curiosity! Enjoy 🙂

Some Goodies to Share!

I love to share inspiring and beautiful things with you guys! I thought my night would be all Apple and writing, but since the live streaming of the Apple launch was a disaster (and that is saying it as nicely as I possibly can) and my tendonitis is kicking up like crazy at the moment I got to have some…

What is Poetry by Shots of Awe

My love for poetry is constantly growing and I was thrilled to see Jason Silva talking about the amazing art of it in one of their newest videos. Enjoy 🙂