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Soon Due and a New Car! 🌻 Weekly Vlog Wednesday

Collected some snippets of what’s been going on over the last couple of weeks 🌻

Summer Time!! 🌻 Weekly Vlog Wednesday

Turned out editing on my old MacBook was a complete nightmare….. So, I decided to take a tiny break from actively vlogging, but here are some snippets from last week☀️

Taking a Break

When it comes to the summer holiday I don’t really have to go far away to get in the holiday mode at all. I just need to go home, home to my hometown. Leander and me will be spending some time in Tønsberg/Nøtterøy and have some quality time with our family. And it feels so good to just take a…

My Hometown is Full of Ghosts

There’s a special feeling that comes over me whenever I go back to visit my hometown. It’s where I have most of my family and so many memories. A city that (even with its changes over the years) I can still trace in my mind, eyes closed, a million miles away from it. It’s the place that will always be…

I survived!

Saturday came and went and turned out to be a lot better than I expected it to be. Kathrine and I were both nervous and feeling less than excited about the whole event. Instead of actually renting a place where we could have a reunion party they went with the let’s-meet-up-at-the-beach-solution which had the end result of not a lot…