Still Waiting ● POEM

Heart in hand

She is still waiting

For the day his name

Will feel misplaced 

On her lips

When other kisses

Will not be compared

To his

When the city presents

New beginnings

Not just reminders

Of the lost

For the time to come

When she can finally

Move on

©Christina de Vries


Waiting ● POEM

How she longed

Waited in the dark

Soul shivering 

Bones rattling 

How she wished

For the bright

The invisible touch

That would warm her

How she smiled

When it drew near

With a promise 

Of arriving soon

©Christina de Vries



Waiting by Thadra Sheridan

As I was heading of to duck under the covers and get a few hours of needed sleep I stumbled upon this poem by Thadra Sheridan and had to share it with you guys.

The customer isn’t always right! Sorry if I burst your bubble, but someone had to say it sooner or later.

Enjoy and have a good night 🙂