Change of Scenery

It’s been way too long since I’ve had the time to sit down somewhere, outside of my own home to do some creative writing. So to finally have a weekend where I don’t have much planned, and also was able to get out of the house at a reasonable time, feels amazing!

And one of my favorite places to write in Oslo (Kulturhuset) isn’t overpacked for once! Some Saturdays I find it impossible to get a table there, but because of the winter sports that are going on today, people seem to be elsewhere to enjoy that.

Me, I’ve never been much into winter sports. Probably one of the most non-Norwegian things to say, but it’s the truth and I’m sticking to it.

I grew up in a household where my mom had winter sports (and other sports for that matter) constantly on the tv, and I think that’s what put me off watching sports. I just don’t find any joy in it. I could maybe join in for the party and the atmosphere, but other than that, I don’t really give a rat’s ass about who crosses that finish line first or last.

But today I’m very grateful for the big love of winter sports that most people here have because it got me a nice table at Kulturhuset, I didn’t have to stand in line forever to get my oat milk latté and for the quiet and relaxed vibe. The sun even showed up for a little while when I was walking over here.

This is a good Saturday, and I’m so happy I made it out to have some change of scenery. I definitely needed it to get my creative juices flowing more easily!

Now it’s time for me to get down to business and plan some interesting stuff, and to keep writing my novel!

I hope you’re all having an AMAZING Saturday!

Starting Grateful

Lately I’ve been slowly working my way back into the good daily routines I used to have a few months back. It’s taking some time, but I’m definitely on the right track now. Getting up earlier, getting back into yoga, writing daily, dancing every morning and I have to say that this Saturday morning was almost a perfect one!

I got to bed before midnight yesterday (shocking, I know!), and because I didn’t have to set an alarm for today, I slept until 9 am and got myself a solid night of sleep before starting the day.

Got up and danced my way around in the living room to get the blood running. This is the song I morning danced to today:

Then I sat down in my tiny office and answered some YouTube comments, worked on a writing assignment and made som plans for next weeks posts.

After that I made some vegan pancakes, and coffee. Spoiled myself a little bit! It’s Saturday after all 😉 I posted the recipe for the vegan pancakes a while back. You can find it here 😊

And then I got back to a routine that I’ve really been missing lately; Gratitude journaling.


I used to do it every morning, but haven’t for what seems like forever. It’s such a wonderful way to start the day! It can change the whole outlook on a day, just starting it with gratitude! If you haven’t tried it before, then I highly recommend that you do so!

Now it’s time for some yoga! What are you up to this Saturday?

Wish you all a wonderful weekend!


Just What I Needed!

My Friday so far has been exactly what I needed. I got off work at half past two and at the moment I walked out the doors from work, my body felt drained and my brain fried. I couldn’t drag my ass home fast enough.

As soon as I got inside I put on my comfy pants. I made some delicious coffee and some food, put on a sappy movie (The Holiday… Don’t laugh!) and I just relaxed completely. Let my mind drift and enjoyed the movie and the quiet around me. There’s been so much going on lately (as you may have noticed) and my brain doesn’t really have an off switch. So for me to finally have some peace and quiet, without much planed at all for an entire weekend feels bloody fantastic.

I’m going to write, be lazy, meditate and just do whatever I feel like doing. This is just what I needed! I have now slumped down on my couch, made myself a cup of tea and I’m watching Eat, Pray, Love (a movie that always makes me smile) and I intend to stay here for the rest of the night.

I want to send a special thank you to teapigs Norway for sending me a care package with lots of tea 💛 Right now I’m enjoying a cup of Chamomile tea. Perfect for my relaxed Friday night!

I hope you’re all having a wonderful Friday!


Take the Time!

When I’m in the zone with my creative work, I sometimes have a hard time with taking breaks and letting things go! I can get so invested in the things that I’m working on that I can forget to eat and sleep, but somehow I always remember to fill up my coffee cup. Funny how that works!

Recently I’ve been highly motivated and with a creative drive that I haven’t had in a long while. It’s been amazing, but it has also taken its toll on me. The struggle to fit more hours in a day is very much present, even though I know it’s not possible. I have a full time job, and I’ve now worked out a pretty hefty schedule when it comes to my creative work as well.

And in between that, I have to be a mom and try to make time for my dear friends as well. And the one thing that I have to be very careful not to neglect is me-time!

Heck knows, I’ve done that mistake many times in the past. This time around though, I choose to believe that I’ve somewhat learned from those mistakes.

That is why I’ve set aside time this weekend to just relax. I’m doing a lot of writing and some filming too, but I’m also taking the time to just lounge on the couch with a good book, play games with Leander, cuddle with Mork, write in my journal and to sleep in.

I just started reading The Secret Life of Cows and it’s truly fascinating, and equally horrifying when knowing how badly most of them are treated.

I’m even going to set aside some time to get back into yoga and meditation again. I’ve been neglecting that lately, and my body does not approve!

It’s so important to take the time to listen to one’s body. To relax and to enjoy! Life is not all about working, it’s about living that great story! And sometimes the story doesn’t have to take you far away to be great, sometimes it’s happening right at home.

Take time to be with you! Love yourself!

And when you struggle to find the love, know that I’m here, and I love you! ❤️


Hunting on a Friday

And I’m using my Mac on the hunt! As you now understand I’m not out and about with a rifle 😛 I’m the hunt for the perfect pin up dress.

I absolutely love 50s and 60s pinup fashion. The feminine dresses, the playful hair and the elegant makeup. So today while I’ve been beaten down on the couch by a really bad headache I started browsing for a perfect dress.

And here are some of those that I fell in love with:

The Sweet Sails Dress – Steady Clothing  



I love the sailor look! I can even remember that I had a similar dress when I was a little girl and me and my father lived on a boat. Definitely on my wishlist 🙂

Ashley Dress in navy sateen-pinupgirlclothing 



Ava Dress in Jade Green -pinupgirlclothing


ava-dress-jade-greenThe perfect Mad Men inspired dress! I thought of Joan the moment I laid eyes on this dress! It’s nothing short of perfection!

Evelyn Dress in Green satin – pinupgirlclothing


pinup-evelyn-greenSuperman Super pin up dress – Etsy



I found loads more of lovely and playful dresses, but these were some of my top favorites!

I’m going to start sowing my own pin up dresses soon as well, so even though it’s been a good chase today I haven’t ordered anything. It’s been mostly a hunt for inspiration 🙂

So what started this? I’ve been sick for a while and haven’t had the extra energy to dress up every day but today I felt a bit better in the morning so I took the time to really do my make up and my hair 🙂  It felt good to do so, but my energy level fell during the day, so the only one who really noticed my effort today was my lovely son. He told me I looked a little funny but mostly beautiful 🙂 *melt*


I wish you all a lovely weekend!!