No More Fast Fashion

My fashion-without-fast-fashion journey has begun!

Lately, I’ve been watching (and reading) quite a lot about consumerism and fast fashion, and I know that even though I’ve made a lot of changes to what and where I buy things, I still tend to go for fast fashion the few times I buy clothes. 

So I decided to do something about it! As February came around, I decided that I’m going to go a full year without buying new clothes. 

Buying second hand is allowed, and creating my own clothes by knitting or sewing. The only exception to the rule is underwear, but those should be bought by environmentally friendly and conscious brands like Organic Basics. 

I’m also going to clean out my closet once more and sell or give away the clothes that I no longer use or fit into. I’ve found that I tend to give myself a really hard time when I try on clothes that are too small, so I decided it was time to remove some of them to spare myself from mini meltdowns whenever I try to get myself ready for a night out or a family dinner.

So, my big project for the year is to change up my closet to a collection of clothes that makes me happy, not outfits that make me wish for a different body than the one that I have. 

And I’ve found that the older I get, the more I fall in love with colorful clothes that stand out from the crowd. 

And I’ve already found a couple of second-hand gems. I plan on sharing this journey in some videos throughout the year, but I thought I’d share my first second-hand buy of the year with you guys!

And it is this beauty:

I found this rainbow purse on Tise and I’m absolutely in love!

Stick around to follow my fashion-without-fast-fashion journey, and feel free to jump on board and give yourself a similar challenge 🌈

If you want some more insight into the industry and pollution of fast fashion, I recommend these two documentaries:

The True Cost